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#truthaboutinsurance Rehab Graphic

Part of a major public campaign following the release of a study conducted by York University Schulich School of Business Professors Fred Lazar and Eli Prisman. The study reveals in 2013 alone, Ontario drivers likely overpaid auto insurance industry profit benchmarks by $840 million.

This image was produced for a few different mediums, including social media and placement within Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA) publications.

Aesthetic decisions were made to reinforce the existing campaign collateral:

  • The background image appears in the campaign billboards.
  • The bright orange was the original campaign colour. This was later replaced by the OTLA brand green after focus groups responded well to the nature of the non-profit association. Since the OTLA green clashes with orange, and the association was originally meant to be secondary to the campaign itself, its logo appears in black here.
  • The car icons are copies of those found in related infographics on the website.
  • The Lato typeface is the brand standard for OTLA.

In this piece, I experimented with content priority using true black alongside dark grey. You can see subtle differences between the grey text when compared to the OTLA logo, truthaboutinsurance URL and car icons.