HR Service Centre Sustainment
Launched in late 2019, the HR Service Centre (HRSC) supports institutional HR services and case management, hosts standardized forms, and serves as a digital employee handbook for faculty, librarians, and staff at U of T. 
Since launch, I found that sustainment efforts tended to focus on technical rather than human needs, and as a result I undertook translating my UX research into a human-centered design strategy.
To drive continual improvement through iterative design, we employed lean UX methods to complete four summative research studies on the HRSC in 2021:
1. 2021 Q3 Feedback Survey Qualitative Analysis
2. 2021 Q2
Feedback Survey Qualitative Analysis
3. 2021 Summative 2: Heuristic analysis Interviews
4. 2021 Summative 3: Card Sort + Tree Test Interviews
Our research identified two key themes. We found that:
1. Imprecise labels reduced confidence in users' ability to navigate and understand product functionality.
2. Communication efforts so far have been insufficient in conveying how the system benefits U of T employees.
Conversations seeking user pain points led to the production of two dozen recommendations from two reports and two presentations. 
In order to turn these recommendations into reality, I facilitated a series of strategy and prioritization discussion sessions wherein the Working Group rated each recommendation's urgency, impact, feasibility, risk, and complexity of approval ​​​​​​​
Once rated and ranked, the working group packaged the top dozen itemized recommendations, merged into five project proposals:
1. Knowledge Base Search Optimization
⇝ Keyword and content analytics inform a new system of search result ranking using meta tags.
2. Knowledge Base Information Architecture
⇝ User and stakeholder consultations improve and validate employee handbook content categories.
3. Employee Dashboard
⇝ Iterating on the HRSC homepage to clarify value, function, and purpose of the system.
4. New Hire Dashboard
⇝ Seizing an opportunity to integrate employee experience initiatives within this central system.
5. Integrated Communications Plan
⇝ Develop standardized messaging and distribution strategy to facilitate system adoption.
I produced an implementation strategy with timeline and resource considerations, then presented these proposals to the platform's key stakeholders, the HRSC Project Leadership Group. Composed of directors of several key HR portfolios, the Project Leadership Group's swift approval means all five proposals are moving forward with discovery work starting in late 2021.

Other work: